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LatePoint Installation Services Install some or all of LatePoint
4 Services
LatePoint Installation Setup and configuration of your LatePoint plugin $80-US Starts From
LatePoint Installation Service - Fast 3 Day turnaround of your LatePoint installation $120-US Starts From


LatePoint Installation Service - SUPERFAST

Get your LatePoint site up and running within a day!
$200-US Starts From
LatePoint Installation Extras When LatePoint is already installed and you need to install an Add-on $15-US Starts From
Support Book a chat or book some help
3 Services
Support - Chat with Me Used to create an account and then chat $10-US Starts From
Support - $5 fix Small fixes to your site $5-US Starts From
Support Block When you need help configuring LatePoint $30-US Starts From
30 Minutes
Modifications Alterations to how LatePoint works
9 Services
Color Customisation

Get your LatePoint front-end booking colors just how you want.

$15-US Starts From
Document Storage Dashboard Upload and Download for Customers $40-US Starts From
Google Location to Calendar Place a location on your Google Calendar Bookings $15-US Starts From
Additional Status on Dashboard Searchable New Status - No Show $15-US Starts From
Show Local Payment Only Local payment and coupons without PayPal/Stripe $10-US Starts From
E-Mail Notifications Enhancement Allow a different email to be sent when status changes from pending to approved or cancelled. $7-US Starts From
Remove price from Summary Page Change the display to remove the price from the summary window $5-US Starts From
Display Customer Status Add Booking Status to Records>Customers> screen $10-US Starts From
Show Duration in Hours Changes the Minutes to Hours. Idea now incorporated by Osetin 7th Feb 2021 Ver 4.2.3 $7-US Starts From


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