LatePoint Installation Options

The Basic

What we cover.

  • Your Purchased Installation of the Plugin
  • 5x Setup of Agents with BIO
  • 3x Service Categories
  • 10x Services and durations
  • 10x Service Extras
  • Configuration of Agents to Services
  • Basic Notification to Agents and Clients

Extras and Add-ons

FAST Turnaround

  • 3 Day Installation and Setup

SUPERFAST Turnaround

Install Now


LatePoint Extras and Add-ons

Install an Extra


SUPERFAST Turnaround requirements

We can be fast! But only with your help!
What we need for speed is:

  • Your Website login details
  • Your License code to activate and install LatePoint
  • List of Services, Agents, Locations, Extras, Scheduling and Duration information.
  • GMail account details
  • Zoom account details
  • Your continued quick responses, co-operation and perseverance
  • Coffee!

What we can not cover

Why can we not do everything in a day?
Well, some items are setup with Google or PayPal where there is a delay whilst they verify information so it’s just not possible.

  • Payment Gateway Installations – PayPal, Stripe etc…
  • Twilio