Hide a Summary Value

When you would like to offer services that are free for use it might be benifical to hide the price. With this CSS style change you can hide Price, Service, Date and Time.

Center that Button

That LatePoint button you have created looks like perfection with it’s custom styling but why will it not just go to the centre of the page? This is not one of the easiest things to do as your theme and custom style sheets may interfere with the layout. Using the standard gutenberg blocks to centre […]

Show only the Available

Ever thought that displaying just the available days and times would be a cleaner experience to your clients and customers? There is a way to trim down just what is displayed with some very simple CSS changes to get the desired effect.

Restart the LatePoint Wizard

You’ve decided to download and install your favorate new booking software. Only to then find out in your eagerness that you have accidently cancelled the wizard? Well you’re in luck as it can easily be restarted. Simply login to you admin dashboard and past the following over your existing /wp-admin url After that the wizard […]