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Each agent that is shown on the booking form is an optional booking step and first setup in the LatePoint administration panel.

Agent Setup Page

Setup Menu Location


Common components of agents are broken up into the following sections:

  • General Information
  • Additional contact information
  • Extra information
  • Offered services
  • Agent schedule
  • Days with custom schedules
  • Holidays and days off

General Information

Basic information about the agent is setup here with key contact details so the agent can receive notifications about bookings.


The Avatar is displayed in various sections of the LatePoint administration dashboard and on the booking form that is displayed to the customer. This could be used to show a familiar face when selecting an agent on the booking form.


Display Name is used on the booking form, emails and dashboard locations.

Email and Phone Number

Along with having general contact details about an Agent, notifications can be configured to send booking information to agents via email and/or sms (twilio add-on).

Connect to WP User

The LatePoint dashboard can be setup for agents to have just their own work schedules and appointment show.

By first creating a WordPress user, then linking the created account to an agent will give LatePoint the access requirements for the agent dashboard to display.


You can remove the agent from being displayed by setting the status to disabled. By default the status of an agent is Active.

Additional Contact Information

Setting up Secondary Agent details for the booking

Agents can have more than one person receiving information about the service being booked. By including additional e-mails and phone numbers you could send to a second agent, a head-office, email for promotional tracking or anyone that may need to monitor the service in some way.

Extra Information

Setting up Profile of the Agents

Information that details an Agents capabilities can be displayed when you view the agent in the booking steps. By enabling the “Show Agent Bio” option a view details will appear when you hover the mouse over their avatar picture.

When you select “View Details” the window expands to show extra information details that have been setup.

Extra Information contains:

Bio Image

Displayed as the background picture

Agent Title

Subtitle which floats below the agents name on the Bio Image

Bio text

Details of the agent in a paragraph displayed below the agent highlights

Agent Highlights

Area for 3 achievement type fields displayed just under the Bio Image

Don’t forget to turn on the “Show Agent Bio” in:

settings>settings>steps>other step settings>

Offered Services

Link Services to Agents and Locations

The Agent can be added and removed from locations and services via this section.

Location is the main category followed by a customize button allowing you to select the agents services on offer.

Agent Schedule

Setting the Agents work hours

Schedules can be controlled in may different locations and the agent is by default following the general company schedule. If an agent requires different work times then enable the agent schedule.

  1. Set the custom schedule on
  2. A simple slider switch controls the day availability and will add of remove the agent from the calendar.
  3. Editing the days can allow for flexible working hours with different blocks.

Days With Custom Schedules

Settings up days that are outside the normal work days

An agent can override any day in their agent or general schedule with a custom schedule.

Holidays and Days Off

Override current working days with Holidays or Days Off

To Block a calendar day off from the client booking window set a day off.

Agent Overview

Quick Visual of Agents Capabilities

After you have configured your agents, from the


tab, you can get a list of agents and an overview of what your agents are setup with. This includes their working days, connections to Google and Zoom.

The bookings # is the amount of bookings for the current day. It does not depend on the status, they could be Approved, Pending or waiting payment. They will all show as a booking. Just the cancelled status is the only one that will not add to this area.

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