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Agent Selection

[latepoint_book_button selected_agent=”2″]
[latepoint_book_button show_agents=”2,4″]

The latepoint_book_button and the latepoint_book_form can be assigned an agent or a list rather than presenting the client a choice of all agents.
This is performed with :

  • selected_agent – Option for pre-selecting an agent or
  • show_agents – Option for viewing certain a list of agents

Agent Selection

Syntax Example – pre-fetch/pre-fill single agent

[latepoint_book_button selected_agent="2"]
[latepoint_book_form selected_agent="2"]

Syntax Example – mulitiple agents

[latepoint_book_button show_agents="2,4"]
[latepoint_book_form show_agents="2,4"]

Agent ANY selection

[latepoint_book_button selected_agent=”any”]

Within latepoint you can allow the software to place the agent automatically depending on the setting placed in
Settings>steps>other step settings.

With this option you can use the following shortcode to allow the agent selection based on the “Any Agent” Option Selection. In this way the agent step will be bypassed if you use the shortcode below.

Any Agent Selection

Syntax Example – pre-fetch/pre-fill agent

[latepoint_book_button selected_agent="any"]
Selected with Show

Using selected_agent=”any” with show_selected_categories type shortcode requires the show services categories settings (shown ticked in the graphic above).

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