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The latepoint booking trigger class acts like the booking button but can be applied to any element within your WordPress site. For example, it could be applied to a promotional image that launches to a particular service.

Booking Trigger

Page to Create

/any page you want the trigger

Class to place on the element


Data that can be passed to trigger


WordPress Image Example

An example of a normal wordpress image with the os_trigger_booking assigned.


  1. Insert your image
  2. Select advanced from your image properties
  3. Put “os_trigger_booking” in the Additional CSS classes field
  4. Switch to code editor and put your data fields after the os_trigger_booking
<figure class="wp-block-image size-large os_trigger_booking" data-selected-agent="1" data-selected-service="2" data-selected-location="1">

HTML example use

The dropup button (to the left) has a service category which has the description of “Brains Trust”.

Inside the Service category are 5 services that could be purchased. Each one of these services are triggered using the os_trigger_booking class and have a latepoint data-selected-service= attached to them. This way they pre-select the service or agent/location. (Hover over Button)

The example Code for the dropup button is below

WPBakery Button Example

An example of a WPBakery button with the os_trigger_booking assigned.

Put “os_trigger_booking” in the Additional CSS classes field

Refer to the booking button appearance for details on the button formatting

Elementor details

Elementor can have a button created and the os_booking triger assigned within the standard/free version.

This is done by:

  1. Selecting your object – In the case below it is the green button
  2. Selecting the Advanced menu tab along the top
  3. Under the Advanced section placing the “os_trigger_booking” into the css classes field.

Unfortunatly in order for data attributes to be assigned in elementor to an object you need to have the paid pro version. Details are here:

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