Google Login

Social logins allow a customer to login using either their Google or Facebook accounts without having to create another set of credential just to login to LatePoint. When the user is presented with the login option an additional button for Google is placed at the bottom of any login window. Using this button clients can […]

Settings – Steps

LatePoint has a large amount of flexibility and like similar plugins it can alter how the booking process flows for the client. The default order of steps start with the following: From the above order the client view in the booking screen indicates which step they are on and how far through the booking process […]

Settings – Schedule

The schedule is the day-to-day operating hours of your booking system. It is one of the 3 areas that get setup when you install the plugin from scratch. The section includes: General Weekly Schedule Days with Custom Schedules Holidays and Days Off Settings – Schedule Setup Menu Location Settings>settings>schedule This schedule then flows down to […]

Settings – General

General settings contains various defaults that appear accross the front and backend areas of LatePoint. The general setup categories are: Appointment Settings Restrictions Currency Settings Phone Settings Appearance Settings Social Login Setup Pages Other Settings Settings – General Setup Menu Location Settings>settings>general Appointment Settings Appointment settings contain general behavior when a customer uses the booking […]