Google Calendar Strip HTML code

If you want to remove the HTML formating in the Summary/Description of services then: Modify the code (which will get overwritten in an update) and strip the HTML from the google cal you could find lines 637-638 in latepoint-google-calendar>lib>helpers>google_calendar_helper.php $summary = OsGoogleCalendarHelper::get_event_title_template();$summary = OsReplacerHelper::replace_all_vars($summary, array(‘customer’ => $booking->customer, ‘agent’ => $booking->agent, ‘booking’ => $booking)); and add […]

Group Booking

If you decide to ever put the LatePoint shortcode into a modal then keep them unique per page. If you have the same modal on the same page then the group booking attendee will increase by the same number of modals you have.

Caching Issues with LatePoint

It’s alway a complicated issue and not only related to LatePoint. If you find you’re having issues like: Then you should put LatePoint files into your caching software to be excluded. The Java files are: The CSS files are:

PHP Modifications

If you would like any PHP modifications done then please contact us here on our Minecraft server project.

LatePoint Notifications – Issues

Cron Jobs Setup a timed event to trigger Emails/SMS to send There are a few issues in the way WordPress sends emails and you may need to make some adjustments in order for emails/sms to send at the correct times. New bookings confirmation are sent straight away and do not require any special configurations. Status […]

Hide Hours already booked

When customers use the booking form all the time slots are presented showing the customer the whole booking day. This includes already booked time slots but in a different color which are unselectable. By hiding a particular class you can remove the displayed “In Use” blocks from showing. This is done by adding the following […]

Center your LatePoint button

This is not one of the easiest things to do as your theme and custom style sheets may interfere with the layout. An option is to change your editing mode to “Code Editor” and to wrap your shortcode with a div with text centering styling. Position your cursor where you need the shortcode. Switch to […]

Dashboard Display Customer Status

When you select a customer from the Dashboard the bookings are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Without selecting each individual booking there is no way to tell which booking may be cancelled or approved etc. With this modification the status is included and displayed to allow easy identification of booking.

Creating a Terms and Conditions Checkbox

This FAQ details setting up a compulsory Terms and Conditions checkbox that gets presented to clients on booking. Custom Booking fields can be used to create a checkbox that must be selected in order to proceed. Steps to create a “Terms and Conditions” checkbox Install the Custom Field Add-on under settings>Add-ons>custom fields A new menu […]

How to do Language Translation

WordPress has the ability to convert LatePoint into other languages via another plugin – Loco Translate, which is freely available. This plugin can also allow you to modify an English to English type translation where there might be a difference in spelling between regions. Install Loco Translate Add the Loco Translate plugin via the WordPress […]