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Coupon – Addon


If you would like to offer coupons or discounts to your customers then you need to install the Coupon – add on.

When enabled the coupon menu is added to the records section of your dashboard.

If a coupon has been configured it can be redeemed on the checkout step.


The coupon option will only show if you have a payment type other than pay later.

If you would like the coupon option to appear for pay later please checkout my coupon for local payment option modification here.

Coupon – Addon – Setup

Coupon Setup Page

Setup Menu Location


Common components of the coupon are broken up into the following sections:

  • Name and Type of discount
  • Coupon Use Restrictions

Name and Type of Coupon

The name and description of the coupon along with the type of discount are entered here and have four items to configure.

  • Coupon code
  • Name (For Internal Use)
  • Discount Value
  • Percentage or Fixed Value

Coupon Code

This is the code that the customer will use when applying the discount. The Customer will simply type this code in when checking out and it will appear on the booking screen after it has been applied.

Name (For Internal Use)

Useful for general info on what the discount might be for or who created the discount. It gets applied to the Coupon Name in the dashboard.

Discount Value and Percentage or Fixed Value

Using a numerical value enter your desired amount and select either a Fixed Value or Percent that you wish the coupon to have.

Coupon Use Restrictions

Each coupon can have it’s own restrictions to allow it’s use on the booking form. This section is optional to setup and will, by default just enable the coupon for use without any other settings being applied.

Use Limit Per Customer

Set the amount of times the limit can be applied on a per customer basis.

Total Use Limit

To allow a total amount of times the discount can be used. Once the limit has been reached the discount will be unavailable.

Min/Max Number of Customer Orders

Limits for when the discount can be applied based on repeated bookings.

Agent/Service/Customer IDs

Used to restrict to either an Agent, Service or Customer ID.

Each Agent, Service or Customer has the ID in the top right of their editable details.

Once you have all your coupon details configure be sure to click on save before exiting the coupon screen!

Customer View

When the booking step gets to the payment, a coupon will now appear as an option.

The customer can enter their code after they select the “Have a coupon code?” section which now has DISCOUNT30 applied.

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