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This FAQ details setting up a compulsory Terms and Conditions checkbox that gets presented to clients on booking.

Custom Booking fields can be used to create a checkbox that must be selected in order to proceed.

Steps to create a “Terms and Conditions” checkbox

  1. Install the Custom Field Add-on under settings>Add-ons>custom fields

  1. A new menu will appear where you can create a custom field under settings>custom fields>fields for booking
    • Alternatively you can create a Custom Field for Customer
  2. Add a new custom field using the “Add custom field” button
  3. The details of the field label will be half in HTML code as in the example below.
Accept <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Terms and Conditions</a>
  1. Field type will be a checkbox
  2. Field width can be full width
  3. Field visibility should be “Visable to Everyone”
  4. Required? should be ticked.
  5. Save the new Custom Booking Field

Now when the customer books they will be required to check the “Accept Terms and Conditions” which has a HTML link so they can view the conditions.

Alternative – Terms and Conditions

Rather than a customer field you could create a Service Extra and place the same code over the description field. This will not however enforce the field in order for them to continue.
Accept <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Terms and Conditions</a>

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