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When a customer uses the booking system an account is created allowing them to login and manage bookings, information and new appointments. A short-code is used and placed onto a WordPress page or post to allow the customer to access the account details.

Steps for the Customer Dashboard to work:


Create Customer Pages

In WordPress create two pages for access by customers:



Place your Shortcode

On each page place the Latepoint shortcode to allow a customer to login and view their dashboard. One shortcode can be placed on both customer pages



Check your Settings

If you would like a different customer page url you can change the link from the LatePoint administration menu setup pages:



Change your button

When the customer has logged into their dashboard a booking button displays for creating other appointments. To view how the button is displayed check other settings under:


The LatePoint Login Page

Once the above steps have been performed with the shortcode [latepoint_customer_dasboard], a user is asked to login to see their dashboard.

Customer Dashboard Pages

Some of the pages shown to customers

Customer Account Creation

When a booking is placed by the customer the confirmation at the end of the booking allows the client to create an account with a link to go to their dashboard.

Access to Customer Dashboard

Clicking on the Open my Cabinet takes the customer to their portal page where they can manage their own appointment, change their details or create a new appointment.

Customer Dashboard

Opening the Cabinet displays the customers past and present appointments, personal informaion and an option to place a new appointment

Book Appointment

The Customer dashboard has a area which can display a booking button. The button should be customized similar to other areas allowing consistency in your theme across the site. This is basically an area for a shortcode for logged in customers. Things like hidden services could be presented to the customer which are not on the normal booking screen.

Customising the Appointment Button

You change the button for the Book Appointment in the settings>settings>general menu. This can be done with the [latepoint_book_button] andcustomised using the standard latepoint css settings for a button.

Alternativley as it is a standard HTML section you can place your own custom button. Just create your own button first and copy the HTML code directly over the [latepoint_book_button] which will allow for any wordpress button to display.

<!-- wp:buttons --> <div class="wp-block-buttons"><!-- wp:button --> <div class="wp-block-button"><a class="wp-block-button__link" href="http://latepoint.test">Booking Redirection</a></div> <!-- /wp:button --></div> <!-- /wp:buttons -->
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