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Customers are created automatically when the front end booking process has been completed. They can also be created directly from the customer setup page in the Backend LatePoint dashboard. As a default the only information that MUST be supplied is the email address as every transaction is linked to this email address.

Basic details about the customer can be modified from the LatePoint backend agent dashboard.

Customer Setup Page

Setup Menu Location

Records>Customers>Add Customers

Customer – General Information

The name and contact details of the customer are entered here. The phone number will cross check and display the Phone Mask settings, suggesting what you need to type to be consistant.

Notes by Customer

When the customer enters information into the booking form they have the opportunity to enter a comment. This comment is displayed against each service booked.

This then appears against the “Notes by Customer ” section which only ever displays the last comment entered by the client.

To review comments made by a customer click on any scheduled appointment that the customer may have.

Any time a customer books again and places in a new comment it continues to be used for all future bookings.

Notes by Admins

No information in this field is displayed to the customer. Information can be entered directly against the client or via the Agent booking in the customer from within the LatePoint dashboard.


Customer appointments can be viewed and adjusted here by simply clicking on the appointment you wish to change.

Delete Customer

All records for the customer are removed from view. Appointments are also removed from the booking system.

Required Fields – Custom Fields Addon

You can enforce the entry of information when using the front end booking form. This will prevent skipping information that must be required on the front end.

This is enabled by installing the Custom Fields plugin which will then allow you to toggle and/or skip the fields.

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