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Locations – Add On

If you would like separate your locations by a geographic boundary then install the Locations Add on.

When enabled the Locations menu is accessible from the records tab.

Locations Setup

Locations contain 3 basic configuration areas which are:

  • Basic Information
  • Selected Agents for This Location
  • Schedule setup information

Basic Information

Location Name and Location Address

The Location Name and Location Address will show as the description in the LatePoint Booking Pages.

The location name is also displayed on the Summary Page and can be used as information sent in E-mail and SMS to Agents and Customers.


You can remove the location from being displayed by setting the status to disabled. By default the status of the location is Active.

Location Photo

Each location can have it’s own icon to display on the booking form.

Change the Selection Image to one you prefer.

Connected Agents

The Location needs to be attached to Agents so schedules can be aligned with actual agent locations.

From here each agent can be customized to perform selected services based on that location.

Location Schedule

Schedules can be controlled in many different locations and the agent is by default following the general company schedule. If the location has a schedule, it then overrides the general schedule.

To Configure a Location Schedule

  1. Set the custom schedule on
  2. A simple slider switch controls the day availability and will add of remove the location from the calendar.
  3. Editing the days can allow for flexible working hours with different blocks.

Days With Custom Schedules

Locations can override any day in the general schedule with a custom schedule.

Holidays and Days Off

Blocks a calendar day off from the client booking window as it sets a day off for the location.

Location Step in Settings

When you only have one location, or the locations-addon has not been enabled, the step will not display to the customer on the booking form.

Once enable you can configure the title wording and icon that appears to the left of the booking form.

This is done from settings>settings>steps and edit the location step.

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