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Each service category that is shown on the booking form is a booking step and first setup in the LatePoint administration panel. Service Categories are created to group services together and allow you to customize how they are presented to clients on the booking form.

Service Category Setup Page

Setup Menu Location

Records>Services>Service Categories

Steps required to utilize the categories section are:

  • Create New Service Category
  • Add services into the categories
  • Order your categories

Create New Service Category

Add a Category for sorting

The Service Category has only a small amount of information needed as it is used as a descriptive step for the booking process.

Category Name

This is the name for the category which displays in the center of the booking form.

The Category name is not displayed on the Summary Page or used as information sent in E-mail/SMS to Agents and Customers.

Category Short Description

The Short Description is for informational purposes only.

Category Image

Each category can have it’s own icon to display on the booking form.

Change the Category Image (to the left of the Category Name) to one you prefer.

The category Image has been updated below and displays “Remove Image”.

Add services into the categories

Sorting your services

There are several areas where a service can be placed into a category:

  • From the List of Services tab
  • From the Services Categories tab

List of Services tab

Creating or editing an existing Service from the List of Services Tab allows you to edit the Category information.

All existing services have the category information displayed above them.

You can edit the service and modify the category information where under the Basic Information section the category name can be modified

Choose an existing Category via the drop down menu or create a new category using + Add Category button.

Alternatively pressing the Add Service button against the category name will place the service into that category.

Services Categories Tab

There is a drag and drop feature within the Service Categories Tab that allows you to visually move the existing service from category to category.

When you look at your Service Categories tab, the services are shown against the category they were placed. In the below case both Services are still not placed in a category and are inline/below any existing category groups.

By using the mouse you can drag and drop the Service you want and place it into the container of the Category.

The service will then be slightly indented from the other categories and services when it is contained within the category.

By default when you create your first Services they will be placed into an “Uncategorized” group, in the order you create them.

Order the Categories

Display your Categories in a specific order

Using the drag and drop method above gives you the ability to order both categories and services. You can even place one category inside another category to further structure the services . This will then however, place another selection step in the booking process as you drill through one category after the other.

The default view of services only is based on creation order. By placing the Service under a Category will allow you to sort based on however you like.

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