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Service Extras – Add On

If you would like to do an up-sell on any of your services then you need to install the service extras – add on.

When enabled the Service Extras tab is added to the bottom of service details.

Service Extras are not created here and will not show until added in the seperate Service Extras setup screen.

When the client books, an extra prompt about the service displays the up-sell.

This is an option and can be skipped if the client chooses. After selecting the price is increased for the up-sell.

Service Extras are optional and can be skipped in the service booking process.

Service Extra Setup Page

Setup Menu Location

Records>Services>Service Extras

Common components of services extras are broken up into the following sections:

  • Basic Information
  • Media
  • Connected Services

Basic Information

The name and description of the service along with some availability are entered here.

  • Service Extra Name
  • Duration
  • Charge Amount
  • Maximum Quantity
  • Status
  • Short Description
  • Multiply cost of the service extra by number of attendees

Service Extra Name and Short Description

This is the name for the service extra which displays in the center of the booking form after you select the service it is attached to.

The Service Extra name is also displayed on the Summary Page and can be used as information sent in E-mail and SMS to Agents and Customers.


Time needed for the extra (if any) is added to the total booking time against the client and agent booking

Charge Amount

Value of the service extra.

Maximum Quantity

Maximum number of times that this extra can be applied against a service.

The above two service extras differ as one has set the quantity set, the other does not.


You can remove the service extra from being displayed by setting the status to disabled. By default the status of a service extra is Active.

Multiply cost of the service extra by number of attendees

This option will depend on the service type as you can either choose the number of extras or have the number of extras multiplied by the previous step service quantities.

Service extra with option to manually add the number of extras required.
Service extra multiplied by attendees.

If the Service Extra is a one to one basis with the attendees then set your Maximum Quantity in the Service Extra to be just one and enable this option.


Picture for the service extra

Each service extra can have it’s own icon to display on the booking form.

Change the Selection Image to one you prefer.

The Selection Image has been updated below and displays “Remove Image”.

Connected Services

Link Service Extras to Services

The Extra needs to be attached to a service so when the customer selects the service the next step presented in the booking form will be the extra.

The Connected Services section allows you to select the service you want the extra to be attached to.

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