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Each service that is shown on the booking form is a booking step and first setup in the LatePoint administration panel.

Service Setup Page

Setup Menu Location

Records>Services>List of Services

Common components of services are broken up into the following sections:

  • Basic Information
  • Media
  • Service Duration’s (with Multiple Service Duration’s add on)
  • Other price and Duration Settings
  • Agents
  • Service Schedule
  • Days with Custom Schedules
  • Holidays and Days Off
  • Capacity Settings (add on)
  • Service Extras (add on)

Service – Basic Information

The name and description of the service along with some availability are entered here.

  • Service Name
  • Service Description
  • Category
  • Status
  • Background Color
  • Visibility

Service Name and Short Description

This is the name for the service which displays in the center of the booking form.

The Service name is also displayed on the Summary Page and can be used as infomation sent in E-mail and SMS to Agents and Customers.


Each Service can be grouped into categories to help display similar items together when selecting in the LatePoint form.

Category Names do not appear in the Summary or other areas and cannot be used in the SMS or E-mail messages.

The Category can be created at the same time as the service with the + Add Category button or an existing Category can be selected via the drop down menu.

The default view of services in the front end form displayed to the client is only based on creation order. So by placing the Service under a Category you get the added benifit of sorting however you like.


You can remove the service extra from being displayed by setting the status to disabled. By default the status of a service is Active.

Background Color

This section defines what the service will be using as its defining color in various displays for the service. Red has been applied here.

Dashboard Timeline

The Background color can be typed in or you can browse the color by selecting the colored square which then displays the color selector.

A different color will be generated automatically for the first 6 services. After that the the default #3d52ea blue color will be applied against each service.


By using the Visibility option the Service can be active but not displayed on the front end to customers. Use the drop down list in the Service settings to change who it appears to.

Service – Media

Picture for the service

Each service can have it’s own icon to display on the booking form.

Change the Selection Image to one you prefer. The Selection Image has been updated below and displays “Remove Image”. The Service Page Image is empty and displays “Step Image” which is prompting you to add one.

Service Duration’s

Booking length for your services

All services are measured in minutes and can have an amount assigned. Be aware of your Selectable Time Intervals in Minutes setting in the settings>general>appointment settings setup of your system.

The Charge Amount is set to the service duration fee. (You can make this amount $0 if you are wanting to offer a free service.) This amount does not show to customers on the booking page. (see Other – Price below)

The deposit amount can be used for up-front payment in order to keep the booking. When the service is selected on the booking form and the prompt for payment appears, the customer is presented the their payment options that you have placed here in Service Durations.


If you disable paying locally (cash) and set the Charge Amount equal to the Deposit Amount, the service cannot be booked unless paid.

Service Duration – Add On

You can by default only have one time setting per service. If you would like the same service to have a longer time option then you would create a separate second service to book out that time.

Using the Multiple Service Duration’s add-on allows the single service to have multiple time variations shown when booking.

By pressing the Add Duration button, order you pricing and time in the order you wish to display them

This then presents multiple time options to the client when they select the service from the booking form.

Change your minimum price to reflect the new options.

Other- Price and Duration Settings

In between Services buffers and price ranges

Minimum Price

The Minimum price is the only price displayed on the Booking form to customers.

Maximum Price

Maximum price is not displayed anywhere except here (Not sure on the point of this setting unless there is some future use).

Buffer Before/Buffer After

Set additional time before/after the service for preparation or cleaning time. This time will add to the booked out time against the agent. It will also NOT extend outside of your working hours.


By placing the calendar before the service step will bypass this check.
Adding the Override Time Intervals will negate the Buffer After

Override Time Intervals

This is the time used to replace your general time interval that is displayed when booking on the front end calendar. For example, You may have had a general setting of half hour blocks displayed when choosing an appointment. By setting this to a different time interval, say 15 mins, then the choice on the calendar will be set to 15 mins instead of every half hour as per the general time interval setting.


Link Agents to Services

Select the agents who can perform the required service.

Service Schedule

Times to allow the service

By selecting the the Set Custom Schedule you can define it’s own custom times and days. This allows for variations and overrides the general schedule.

Days With Custom Schedules

One off days to work for a service

Additional “1 off” days can be applied to a service to make it appear on the calendar. You might have an event that needs to appear on a certain day or date. This overrides the general schedule.

Adding a day brings the calendar view up where you can enter another date/time for the service or event.

Holidays and Days Off

Book your days off

A day can be set as a Holiday or Day Off against the service to prevent it from running. This is normally set in the general schedule, for which then affects all services

This is done simply by adding a day to the calendar.

Group Bookings – Add On

Each service can only have one agent per one client.

Using the Group Bookings add-on allows a single service to have multiple people book as a group per time slot.

When enabled the Capacity Settings tab is added to the bottom of the service details.

The time slot for the service will show available until the Maximum Capacity set here is reached.

When booking the service, customers are presented with an extra step which displays as Attendees on the summary. Any additional attendees are multiplied and added to the total price.

If you select the “Do not let customers choose number of attendees” option then each client receives one booking slot and the step is automatically skipped.

When using the group booking consider how you are going to manage the client as only the main registering person will receive confirmation and alerts.

Service Extras – Add On

If you would like to do an up-sell on any of your services then you need to install the service extras – add on.

When enabled the Service Extras tab is added to the bottom of service details.

Service Extras are not created in services and will not show until added in the seperate Service Extras setup screen.

When the client books, an extra prompt about the service displays the up-sell.

This is an option and can be skipped if the client chooses. After selecting the price is increased for the up-sell.

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