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LatePoint has a large amount of flexibility and like similar plugins it can alter how the booking process flows for the client.

The default order of steps start with the following:

From the above order the client view in the booking screen indicates which step they are on and how far through the booking process they are. This is shown in the top left of the booking form.

Not all steps need to be displayed. Some steps will not display or can be skipped. This will depend on configured items such as:

  1. Add-ons
    • Locations
    • Service Extras
    • Custom Fields
    • Payment Gateways
  2. Pre-selected items using shortcodes
    • selected_locationOption to pre-select a location
    • selected_service – Option to pre-select a service
    • selected_service_category – Option to pre-select the service category number
    • selected_agent – Option for viewing certain agents
  3. Other Step Settings
    • Show Service Categories
    • Skip Verification Step

Settings – Steps

Setup Menu Location


When altering the configuration the steps can be re-ordered, which allows you to customize the booking experience to the customer. This is done by dragging and dropping the step from one position to another. Only the Payment and Confirmation steps have to remain where they are and locked in place to prevent the booking from experiencing an error.

Each step has been pre-filled in with default details that describe what the step does. This information is displayed when the customer starts the booking process and is displayed on the left in the information panel

By editing the step (click on the pencil to the right), custom information can be altered from the default to anything you like.

Other Step Settings

Optional settings under the steps allow or hide various other steps or information from the booking screen.

Show Services Categories

When the front end booking form is displayed, by default all of the services are listed as one large group. By using the “Show Services Categories” option, the services can be grouped under a common category which can then be displayed separating the choices for customers.

Show Agent Bio Popup

The Customer can view details of each agent they are booking with. Each agent can be setup with information via the bio setup of each agent.

The option enables or disables this from showing to the client.

When enabled they can step through and choose the agent. This will then display an extra “View Details” option, shown just under the agents name.

View Details
Agent Bio

Customer Account Options

Require Customers to set Account Password

By Default when a customer uses the booking system for the first time they are not given the choice to enter a specific password. This is due to not needing to access their own account each time they book.

The password is retrieved with a “Forgot my Password” type scenario if they wish to configure or use it later.

By enabling this option the customer will be given extra fields to fill in for the password when they create the booking and register a new account.

Remove Login/Register tabs on Contact Info Steps

When stepping through the booking process the options can be disabled for a customer to create a new registration or login/logout of an account.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is StepRegistration.png
Login/Register Tabs Removed

Hide Create Account Prompt on Confirmation Step

The customer can be presented with further instructions to create and manage an account on the final steps of the booking process. This option will remove the Create Account option.

Enable Timezone Selector – Add On

The Agents time is in a fixed Time-zone. That is, the one WordPress is installed and setup for.

The Client can be anywhere in the world and uses their Time-zone when booking. It will allow the booking form to reflect the clients local time to be displayed about the agents availability.

The time-zone selector allows the client to choose their local clock which will adjust the appointments into their local time.

It is enabled by going to into settings>settings>steps>other step settings and tick the “Show Timezone Selector”

Once enable it appears at the bottom of the booking form

When the client connects for the first time, the time selector checks WordPress and changes the time-zone to match the server time-zone.

After this the client can change to their time-zone which is then used to offset and change what is displaced.

7pm in Australia is 9AM in Vatican

The time-zone configured is remembered for a re-visit when they book again.

Show duration options in minutes, even when more than 60 minutes

The time display for the services are by default showing in hours. With this option enabled the display can switch to minutes for your shorter sessions.

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