Timezone Selector – Add On

Timezone – Add On Overview If you have International customers, appointment times can be confusing. With this add-on the customer is presented a choice of what timezone they are booking from. This is then reflected to the correct local booking time for the agent that has been allocated. When enabled an option is added to […]

Service Duration – Add On

You can by default only have one time setting per service. If you would like the same service to have a longer time option then you would create a separate second service to book out that time. Using the Multiple Service Duration’s add-on allows the single service to have multiple time variations shown when booking. […]

Coupon – Add On

Coupon – Addon Overview If you would like to offer coupons or discounts to your customers then you need to install the Coupon – add on. When enabled the coupon menu is added to the records section of your dashboard. If a coupon has been configured it can be redeemed on the checkout step. NOTE: […]

Booking button appearance

Button Default [latepoint_book_button] The [latepoint_book_button] shortcode is inserted into any location of your site allowing you to launch the application from a button. This button differs to the [latepoint_book_form] in that the booking screen floats above the existing page rather then displacing the content you have. Default Button Syntax Options bg_color – To change the […]