Schedule Flow Infographic

From the above, points to note are: Agents schedule comes first Service schedule comes second General schedule comes third Location schedule overrides general schedule

Booking Trigger

The latepoint booking trigger class acts like the booking button but can be applied to any element within your WordPress site. For example, it could be applied to a promotional image that launches to a particular service. Booking Trigger Page to Create Class to place on the element Data that can be passed to trigger […]

Booking form/button actions

Whilst you can configure the appearance on the [latepoint_book_button] you can also cause the button to pre-launch service, agents and change the viewing options through short-code settings. These options also apply to the [latepoint_book_form]. NOTE:The form short-code allows the software to sit on-screen when you browse to the page. Being given a permanent spot like […]

Booking button appearance

Button Default [latepoint_book_button] The [latepoint_book_button] shortcode is inserted into any location of your site allowing you to launch the application from a button. This button differs to the [latepoint_book_form] in that the booking screen floats above the existing page rather then displacing the content you have. Default Button Syntax Options bg_color – To change the […]