Customer Messages – Addon

Customer Messages – Addon Overview Customer Messages gives you the option to communicate in a chat style windows to your clients via each booking they place. When Activated clients can send a message against their booking. Agents can also send files directly to clients against each booking. Message Areas Locations messages appear Each message or […]

Notifications – SMS Templates

SMS Templates are used by Twilio to send the initial appointment creation information. Usually a shorter message with some basic details of the service being booked. The SMS is sent as soon as a new appointment has been created.

LatePoint Notifications – Issues

Cron Jobs Setup a timed event to trigger Emails/SMS to send There are a few issues in the way WordPress sends emails and you may need to make some adjustments in order for emails/sms to send at the correct times. New bookings confirmation are sent straight away and do not require any special configurations. Status […]

Notifications – Email Templates

Agents and Customers can be configure to receive Emails based on certain conditions with a simple tick applied. Emails are triggered by four different events in LatePoint. Confirmations Status Changes New Chat Messages (addon) Password Reset Requests Confirmation Email The initial creation of the appointment This could be any status which has been configured as […]

Notifications – Reminders Addon

Reminders – Addon Overview Reminders allow you to send messages before or after an Appointment. This can be either SMS or email to the agent or client and is activate by installing the Reminders-Addon. When Activated the reminders tab in notifications has extra configuration options. Adding a reminder is done by simpy pressing the Add […]

Notifications – Settings

Communication via SMS and E-mails are possible using the notification setup within LatePoint. There are options to send confirmations when a booking is placed or changing status such as pending approval to approved. There is an additional Reminders-Addon which can also send a before or after appointment message to the customer. The Notification configuration is […]

Timezone Selector – Add On

Timezone – Add On Overview If you have International customers, appointment times can be confusing. With this add-on the customer is presented a choice of what timezone they are booking from. This is then reflected to the correct local booking time for the agent that has been allocated. When enabled an option is added to […]

LatePoint Zoom Meetings – Addon

Zoom Meetings – Add On Zoom Meetings allows for direct integration between LatePoint bookings and Zoom meetings via the Calendar. After the add-on is installed and configured you can have a service created on the front end which automatically configures the zoom meeting for the service. API Configuration In order to link LatePoint to […]

Hide Hours already booked

When customers use the booking form all the time slots are presented showing the customer the whole booking day. This includes already booked time slots but in a different color which are unselectable. By hiding a particular class you can remove the displayed “In Use” blocks from showing. This is done by adding the following […]

Group Bookings – Add On

Group Bookings – Add On Each service can only have one agent per one client. Using the Group Bookings add-on allows a single service to have multiple people book as a group per time slot. When enabled the Capacity Settings tab is added to the bottom of the service details. The time slot for the […]