LatePoint Notifications – Issues

There are a few issues in the way WordPress sends emails and you may need to make some adjustments in order for emails/sms to send at the correct times. New bookings confirmation are sent straight away and do not require any special configurations. Status change notifications and reminders are sent using the WordPress. As such […]

Notifications – Reminders Addon

Adding a reminder is done by simpy pressing the Add reminder button Each reminder has the following information that can be configured: Reminder Name Email or SMS To Cusomter or Agent Length of time Time in Days or Hours Before of After appointment date. Email Subject Message to send Most of the settings are self-explanatory […]

LatePoint Twilio – Add On

Twilio Setup Twilio configuration is going to be dependent on the country being configured for. There are regulatory requirements that must be met in to allow certain features. You can sign up for a free Twilio trial account here. When you sign up, you must verify your email and personal phone number. Twilio can then verify […]