LatePoint Zoom Meetings – Addon API Configuration In order to link LatePoint to Zoom you need to configure the Zoom Account and API details first. Connect/Login to the Zoom Marketplace and create an app. From the choice of app types, select JWT and start configuring your details. 2. Once you are at the Second step you will need to […]

Group Bookings – Add On

Group Bookings – Add On Each service can only have one agent per one client. Using the Group Bookings add-on allows a single service to have multiple people book as a group per time slot. When enabled the Capacity Settings tab is added to the bottom of the service details. The time slot for the […]

Google Login

Social logins allow a customer to login using either their Google or Facebook accounts without having to create another set of credential just to login to LatePoint. When the user is presented with the login option an additional button for Google is placed at the bottom of any login window. Using this button clients can […]

Locations – Add On

Locations Setup Locations contain 3 basic configuration areas which are: Basic Information Selected Agents for This Location Schedule setup information Basic Information Location Name and Location Address The Location Name and Location Address will show as the description in the LatePoint Booking Pages. The location name is also displayed on the Summary Page and can […]


Each service that is shown on the booking form is a booking step and first setup in the LatePoint administration panel. Common components of services are broken up into the following sections: Basic Information Media Service Duration’s (with Multiple Service Duration’s add on) Other price and Duration Settings Agents Service Schedule Days with Custom Schedules […]

Service Extras – Add On

Service Extras are optional and can be skipped in the service booking process. Common components of services extras are broken up into the following sections: Basic Information Media Connected Services The name and description of the service along with some availability are entered here. Service Extra Name Duration Charge Amount Maximum Quantity Status Short Description […]