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Zoom Meetings – Add On

Zoom Meetings allows for direct integration between LatePoint bookings and Zoom meetings via the Calendar.

After the add-on is installed and configured you can have a service created on the front end which automatically configures the zoom meeting for the service. API Configuration

In order to link LatePoint to Zoom you need to configure the Zoom Account and API details first.

  1. Connect/Login to the Zoom Marketplace and create an app. From the choice of app types, select JWT and start configuring your details.

The Logo should be in a JP(E)G/PNG format. The file size cannot exceed 1 MB and the Logo minimum width/height is 160px.

2. Once you are at the Second step you will need to copy the API details presented here into LatePoint (settings>settings>zoom).

Keep this page open until you have copied the API information across to LatePoint.

When your Zoom App has been activated you can then enable the services in LatePoint

LatePoint Zoom Configuration

Zoom Meetings Setup Page

Setup Menu Location


The Basic steps to setup LatePoint for Zoom Integration are:

  1. Open Settings>settings>
  2. Select Zoom
  3. Enable Zoom Meetings
  4. Copy in your Zoom API Key
  5. Copy in your Zoom API Secret
  6. Configure your Zoom Meeting Topic to identify the booking.
  7. Activate Zoom in each service that you would like to use Zoom Meetings.
Service with Zoom Activated

8. Activate Zoom in each agent by using the drop down to select the configured account. Each account created in zoom can be matched to the agent in LatePoint

Once the Agent is enabled you will see the Zoom icon against their summary view in the dashboard.

9. Configure your email notifications to include the Zoom Meetings

Under Settings>Notifications you can configure each email notification to include the new Zoom Meeting variables.

Be sure to also include any reminder emails to include the new Zoom Meeting variables.

Now when a booking is made with a Zoom Enabled service the client will receive an email with the Zoom Booking details included.

Connecting to your Zoom Meeting

The meeting details are stored against each client appointment.

Agent Zoom Access

The agent can access the meeting by viewing any existing zoom appointment and the details are displayed with a Join link to access the Zoom Meeting.

Client Zoom Access

Customers can receive details of the Zoom Meeting via email/sms notifications if Zoom Details have been setup to be included.

They can also login to their LatePoint account and view their existing appointments. Those with Zoom Meetings will have the url link displayed under the meeting.

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