That LatePoint button you have created looks like perfection with it’s custom styling but why will it not just go to the centre of the page? This is not one of the easiest things to do as your theme and custom style sheets may interfere with the layout. Using the standard gutenberg blocks to centre shortcodes is also a challenge, but there is a way to create just what you want.

Creating a DIV

An option is to change your editing mode to “Code Editor” and to wrap your shortcode with a div with text centering styling.
1. Position your cursor where you need the shortcode.
2. Switch to Code editor from the options menu.
3. Paste the div with styling and your LatePoint shortcode like the below:

<div style="width:290px;margin:auto;text-align:center;">[latepoint_book_button selected_service="11" selected_service_extra="3"]</div>

This should now have placed your shortcode into the center of the screen.

Switch back to visual editor once you are done and check out your good work!