Terms and Conditions

How it Works

What Happens Next?

  • A booking process is started and you are notified via e-mail of the progress
  • You will receive the file via your dashboard to download
  • You are expected to upload the file unless you have purchased a “Help Me Install”
  • Modified files will continue to be updated from date of purchase for 6 months

LatePoint Updates

What happens when LatePoint Updates?

  • Any updates to LatePoint will render this modification unusable
  • A replacement file is not immediate and you should check before any updates


What we both should do

  • Let itMe.Guru know if other modifications are already applied
  • Issues after installation should be relayed to itMe.Guru ASAP
  • You are responsible for your data – make sure you have regular backups
  • Any additions that cannot be completed will be refunded.
  • We both want a positive outcome so lets communicate as best we can